Photos from the epic Troop 618 Chopped Challenge in March of 2015.

Two Patrols went head to head to see who has the best cooking "chops". One Patrol opted for Noodles, Bacon, and Green Onions and the other Patrol chose Sardines and Spam for their basket ingredients. Then adding ingredients from a shared pantry they were given 40 minutes to prepare and plate their dishes from scratch.

The results were remarkable. The first patrol added beans and fresh veggies to the noodles, bacon and green onions to make a "pasta chili" that was delightful to look at and tasty to eat. The second patrol mixed the spam and sardines into a "meatball" mixture, coated it in pancake batter and deep fried it, serving it with wedge cut fried potatos and a refreshing lemon garnish.

Scoutmaster judges Doug, Terry B., Brad, and I (Ciro) bravely sampled the dishes. We found the pasta chili dish to be very appealing to look at, and tasty and well prepared. The meatball dish was not so appetizing to look at, but surprizingly tasty and we thought a very creative use of the basket ingredients.

We decided the pasta chili won for plating and appearance, and the meatball dish won for creativity. It was close, but in the end there can only be one overall winner and we awarded that to the pasta chili, but both Patrols were winners in our book for their enthusiasm, creativity and, "Doing their best"!

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